Vijay Antony shares his experience as a beggar

Vijay Antony

Vijay Antony shares his experience as a beggar

After India-Pakistan, the Music Director turned Actor Vijay Antony is shooting for his upcoming flick titled ‘Pichaikaaran’ which has been directed by ‘Poo’ fame Sasi. The actor is playing the role of a beggar in the movie.

On speaking about the movie, Vijay Antony said that he did not faced any difficulty in getting into this character as he had faced a similar situation in his life earlier. When he came to Chennai for six months he walked into offices of many production houses to compose music for movies and he has repeated the same emotions when he played a role as a beggar.

He added that beggars are pushed to live a lowly life due to some tragic incident in their lives and they accept alms if we give them or if we don’t give then they will just leave and far better than thieves, murderers and sex offenders who lives in the society gentlemanly.

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  1. Sai kiran - July 18, 2016 2:57 am

    Sir mi movie …bichagadu is very nice…chala baga thisaru….movie…


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